Product brand Zéfal

Zefal Z-Box L
Zefal Z-Box L pouzdro na nářadí
9,71 €
8,21 €
in stock
Zefal Deflector FM30
Zefal Deflector FM30 přední blatník
Front fender to the most demanding conditions suitable for DH and enduro.
18,65 €
13,25 €
in stock
Zefal CO2 Cartridge 16g
Threaded CO2 bomb suitable for Zefal inflators.
2,80 €
1,95 €
in stock
Zefal Emergency Kit
Zefal Emergency Kit samolepící záplaty
Self-adhesive patches for soul repair.
4,43 €
3,01 €
in stock
Zefal - redukce ventilku DV/SV - AV
Reduction from galosh and velo valve to car valve.
1,11 €
in stock
Zefal Z-Box M
Zefal Z-Box M pouzdro na nářadí
6,46 €
5,08 €
in stock
Zefal Repair Spray Kit 150ml
Defect repair spray suitable for classic and tubeless tires.
8,09 €
6,79 €
in stock
Zefal DT Armor
Zefal DT Armor ochrana rámu
Protection of the lower frame tube against impacts and stones from the front wheel.
15,81 €
11,13 €
in stock
Zefal ZB Clean
Zefal ZB Clean kartáč
Brush designed for effective wheel cleaning, especially suitable for the drive and other hard-to-reach details.
9,71 €
6,99 €
in stock
Zefal Z2O Pro 80
Zefal Z2O Pro 80 cyklistická lahev
800 ml bicycle bottle equipped with a closable mouthpiece.
10,93 €
6,87 €
in stock
Zefal Deflector RM60+
Zefal Deflector RM60+ zadní blatník
Rear fender with seat mount.
18,65 €
13,21 €
in stock
Zefal Z Console Pack T1
Zefal Z Console Pack T1 brašna na telefon
Versatile frame bag combining phone holder with smart storage, 0.8 l capacity.
29,62 €
18,69 €
in stock
Zefal Spy
Zefal Spy zrcátko na kolo
Wheel mirror with possibility of mounting at various places on the wheel, rubber band can be adjusted for pipe diameters from 22 to 60 mm.
12,96 €
9,14 €
in stock
Zefal DP20
Zefal DP20 montpáky
Set of 3 pieces of highly durable colored Zefal mounts.
3,21 €
1,83 €
in stock
Zefal Alu Plast 124
Zefal Alu Plast 124 košík na láhev
Simple and efficient bottle basket.
black , blue , red , silver , white
4,02 €
2,76 €
in stock
Zefal Z Frame Pack
Zefal Z Frame Pack rámová brašna
Bag with attachment to the upper frame of the tube.
19,87 €
13,41 €
in stock
Zefal Universal + Repair Kit
Set for soul repair.
4,43 €
2,80 €
in stock
Zefal Deflector FM20
Zefal Deflector FM20 přední blatník
Front fender to the most demanding conditions suitable for DH and enduro.
16,21 €
11,95 €
in stock
Zefal Crank Armor XL
Zefal Crank Armor XL ochrana klik
Protectors to prevent damage to the handles when in contact with stones and other obstacles.
8,90 €
7,35 €
in stock
Zefal Iron Pack 2 S-DS
Zefal Iron Pack 2 S-DS podsedlová brašna
Waterproof seat bag with Velcro attachment, volume 0.5 l.
23,12 €
16,50 €
in stock
Zefal Trekking 700
Zefal Trekking 700 univerzální lahev
Universal bottle suitable for hydration during the day, during sports or cycling.
black , blue , red
14,18 €
7,68 €
in stock
Zefal EZ Control FC
Zefal EZ Control FC bombičková hustilka
Mini pump for CO2 bombs for easy and fast inflation of the wheel.
23,12 €
16,58 €
in stock
Zefal Repair Spray 75ml
Zefal Repair Spray 75ml opravný sprej
Defect repair spray suitable for both classic and tubeless tires.
5,24 €
4,39 €
in stock
Zefal Repair Spray 100ml
Zefal Repair Spray 100ml opravný sprej
Defect repair spray suitable for both classic and tubeless tires.
6,46 €
5,36 €
in stock
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