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Zefal Spy
Zefal Spy zrcátko na kolo
Wheel mirror with possibility of mounting at various places on the wheel, rubber band can be adjusted for pipe diameters from 22 to 60 mm.
12,83 €
9,05 €
in stock
Zefal Z Eye
Zefal Z Eye zrcátko na kolo
Bike mirror with helmet attachment.
12,83 €
8,89 €
in stock
Zefal Cyclop
Zefal Cyclop zrcátko na kolo
Mirror on bike with grip on handlebar ends, foldable.
15,65 €
10,78 €
in stock
Zefal Dooback II Left
Zefal Dooback II Left zrcátko na kolo
Zefal Dooback II is a large-area folding mirror made of unbreakable material. Ideal for leisure or urban use, while being compatible with e-bikes.
13,23 €
9,37 €
in stock
Force zpětné zrcátko
Force zpětné zrcátko zpětné zrcátko
Rearview mirror to handlebars.
4,42 €
in stock
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