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Ferdus ZS0 (16 mm)
Ferdus ZS0 (16 mm) záplata na duše
Universal vulcanization patch for repairing the inner tubes of not only bicycles, ZS0 - diameter 16 mm.
0,15 €
in stock
Ferdus ZS2 (25 mm)
Ferdus ZS2 (25 mm) záplata na duše
Universal patch for repairing bicycle tubes, ZS2 - diameter 25 mm.
0,19 €
in stock
Sram Bleeding Edge Tool
26,25 €
22,20 €
in stock
Schwalbe Airmax Pro
19,00 €
15,60 €
in stock
Ferdus ZS10 (50x25 mm)
Ferdus ZS10 (50x25 mm) záplata na duše
Universal vulcanization patch for repairing the inner tubes of not only bicycles, ZS10 - oval 50 x 25 mm.
0,23 €
in stock
Sram Bleed Kit
Sram Bleed Kit odvzdušňovací sada
76,85 €
69,60 €
in stock
Sram Chaingap Adjustment Gauge V2
Sram Chaingap Adjustment Gauge V2 nástroj pro nastavení přehazovačky
A tool for correctly setting the distance of the upper pulley of the derailleur from the lower pinion of the cassette.
6,46 €
4,97 €
in stock
Ferdus Velo Patch Kit
Universal set of glues for repairing bicycle inner tubes.
2,00 €
1,70 €
in stock
Force - odvzdušňovací sada Shimano
20,20 €
16,95 €
in stock
Topeak Flypaper
Set of 6 pieces of self-adhesive patches Topeak Flypaper. The patches are easy to apply and hold securely.
3,40 €
3,15 €
in stock
Ferdus Velo Tubeless Patch Kit
Universal kit sticking to repair tubeless tires for bicycles.
1,80 €
in stock
Giant Tire Plugs For Treaded Tires
Tubeless tire repair kit.
8,05 €
in stock
RockShox Reverb Bleed Kit
56,65 €
36,80 €
in stock
Force - kleště na spojky řetězu
Chain clutch connection and disconnection pliers, compatible with 5-12 speed chains.
7,65 €
6,50 €
in stock
Force - montpáky
0,30 €
in stock
Park Tool GP-2
Park Tool GP-2 samolepící záplaty
A set of self-adhesive patches for the quick repair of bicycle tube defects.
4,00 €
in stock
RSP Bleed Kit Shimano
RSP Bleed Kit Shimano odvzdušňovací sada
17,35 €
15,60 €
in stock
Topeak Power Lever X
Mounting levers can also be used as pliers for chain couplings.
17,35 €
in stock
Force - kleště na lanka
16,15 €
13,30 €
in stock
Park Tool Tire Lever 1.2
Top mount lever for disassembly and assembly of the bicycle casing. This montpák will never disappoint.
1,35 €
in stock
Force - měrka opotřebení řetězu
6,85 €
5,85 €
in stock
Kovys - klíč na kazetu
Hardened steel cassette lock nut puller Shimano HG / Sram. For use with a side key.
3,78 €
in stock
Force - momentový klíč
Force - momentový klíč momentový klíč
72,80 €
61,50 €
in stock
Giant Control Patch Kit
3,10 €
in stock
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