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Zefal Deflector FM30
Zefal Deflector FM30 přední blatník
Front fender to the most demanding conditions suitable for DH and enduro.
18,90 €
13,40 €
in stock
Zefal Z Light Pack L
Zefal Z Light Pack L podsedlová brašna
A high quality 1.4-liter undercloth bag.
22,20 €
15,20 €
in stock
Zefal DT Armor
Zefal DT Armor ochrana rámu
Protection of the lower frame tube against impacts and stones from the front wheel.
16,00 €
11,30 €
in stock
Zefal Doomap
Zefal Doomap mapník
Waterproof map holder with handlebar mount.
16,45 €
11,45 €
in stock
Zefal Sense M65
Zefal Sense M65 cyklistická lahev
650 ml bike bottle equipped with a softened mouthpiece.
black , blue , clear , yellow
5,30 €
3,85 €
in stock
Zefal Skin Armor L
Zefal Skin Armor L ochranné samolepky
Set of translucent protective stickers on a bicycle frame.
22,20 €
15,35 €
in stock
Zefal Z-Box L
Zefal Z-Box L pouzdro na nářadí
9,85 €
8,30 €
in stock
Zefal K-Traz C6 Code
Spirálový zámek na kód, který zabezpečí vaše kolo, když potřebujete odejít.
16,45 €
11,10 €
in stock
Zefal Z Traveler 80
Zefal Z Traveler 80 brašna na nosič
Practical carrier bag with a volume of up to 32 liters.
86,40 €
66,40 €
in stock
Zefal Z Light Pack M
Zefal Z Light Pack M podsedlová brašna
A high quality 0.9 liter seat case.
20,15 €
13,35 €
in stock
Zefal Wiiz
Zefal Wiiz košík na láhev
Plastic basket with the possibility of lateral removal of the bottle.
6,55 €
5,15 €
in stock
Zefal Z Adventure R11
Zefal Z Adventure R11 podsedlová brašna
Podsedlová bag of up to 11 liters suitable for bike-packing, adventure and expedition.
71,20 €
41,60 €
in stock
Zefal Iron Pack 2 S-DS
Zefal Iron Pack 2 S-DS podsedlová brašna
Waterproof seat bag with Velcro attachment, volume 0.5 l.
23,45 €
16,70 €
in stock
Zefal Universal Tube Strap
Zefal Universal Tube Strap páska na duši
Tape to attach the tube to the frame, a handy solution to have a spare tube always at hand.
13,55 €
10,35 €
in stock
Zefal Kid
Zefal Kid sada blatníků
Front and rear baton suitable for children's bikes 16 "and 20".
9,85 €
6,25 €
in stock
Zefal Spy
Zefal Spy zrcátko na kolo
Wheel mirror with possibility of mounting at various places on the wheel, rubber band can be adjusted for pipe diameters from 22 to 60 mm.
13,15 €
9,25 €
in stock
Zefal Z Eye
Zefal Z Eye zrcátko na kolo
Bike mirror with helmet attachment.
13,15 €
9,10 €
in stock
Zefal Alu Plast 124
Zefal Alu Plast 124 košík na láhev
Simple and efficient bottle basket.
black , blue , red , silver , white
4,10 €
2,95 €
in stock
Zefal Skin Armor M
Zefal Skin Armor M ochranné samolepky
Set of translucent protective stickers on a bicycle frame.
14,80 €
9,60 €
in stock
Zefal Spin
Zefal Spin zrcátko na kolo
Bicycle mirror with attachment to the end of the handlebars.
15,60 €
10,55 €
in stock
Zefal Z Aero
Zefal Z Aero rámová brašna
Bag for the upper frame tube suitable for snacks and small items.
32,90 €
18,85 €
in stock
Zefal Z-Box M
Zefal Z-Box M pouzdro na nářadí
6,55 €
5,15 €
in stock
Zefal No Mud
Zefal No Mud blatník
Fender designed for mounting on front fork or rear frame construction.
21,35 €
15,35 €
in stock
Zefal Deflector RC50
Zefal Deflector RC50 zadní blatník
Rear fender for urban and crossbars with seat mount.
7,80 €
7,40 €
in stock
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