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Maintenance tools

Ferdus ZS0 (16 mm)
Ferdus ZS0 (16 mm) záplata na duše
Universal vulcanization patch for repairing the inner tubes of not only bicycles, ZS0 - diameter 16 mm.
0,15 €
in stock
Ferdus ZS2 (25 mm)
Ferdus ZS2 (25 mm) záplata na duše
Universal patch for repairing bicycle tubes, ZS2 - diameter 25 mm.
0,19 €
in stock
RockShox Suspension Oil 5WT
5,20 €
5,15 €
in stock
Cyklostar Original Extra Carbon (1 l)
Cyklostar Original Extra Carbon (1 l) čistící prostředek
8,75 €
in stock
Sram Bleeding Edge Tool
25,95 €
21,95 €
in stock
Schwalbe Airmax Pro
18,80 €
15,40 €
in stock
Sram Bleed Kit
Sram Bleed Kit odvzdušňovací sada
75,85 €
68,70 €
in stock
Ferdus ZS10 (50x25 mm)
Ferdus ZS10 (50x25 mm) záplata na duše
Universal vulcanization patch for repairing the inner tubes of not only bicycles, ZS10 - oval 50 x 25 mm.
0,23 €
in stock
Sram Chaingap Adjustment Gauge V2
Sram Chaingap Adjustment Gauge V2 nástroj pro nastavení přehazovačky
A tool for correctly setting the distance of the upper pulley of the derailleur from the lower pinion of the cassette.
6,46 €
4,97 €
in stock
Bikeworkx Clean Star Degreaser
Universal powerful degreaser that easily removes grease, oil, dirt and brake fluid.
200 ml , 750 ml
8,00 €
7,20 €
in stock
Bikeworkx Pro Greaser
Vaseline suitable for the assembly of bicycles and their components, which provides excellent water resistance and prolongs life.
100 g , 1 kg
7,20 €
6,45 €
in stock
Ferdus Velo Patch Kit
Universal set of glues for repairing bicycle inner tubes.
1,95 €
1,70 €
in stock
Cyklostar Original Extra Carbon (500 ml)
7,40 €
in stock
Muc-Off Dry Lube 120ml
13,95 €
in stock
Force - odvzdušňovací sada Shimano
19,95 €
16,75 €
in stock
Finish Line Wet Lube
Durable chain lubricant for extreme weather conditions.
60 ml , 120 ml , 945 ml
6,75 €
in stock
Bikeworkx Chain Star Normal
Two-component chain lubricant for dry to wet conditions for everyday use
50 ml
7,80 €
7,05 €
in stock
Bikeworkx Greener Cleaner 1 l
An effective cleaner that takes care of even the most resistant dirt and is also environmentally friendly.
11,60 €
10,45 €
in stock
RockShox High Pressure Pump (300 psi)
High pressure pump for air forks and shock absorbers, original Rock Shox, pressure up to 300 psi.
41,90 €
33,50 €
in stock
Giant Tire Plugs For Treaded Tires
Tubeless tire repair kit.
7,95 €
in stock
Juice Lubes Viking Juice (130 ml)
The best-selling high-tech chain lubricant from Juice Lubes, suitable for all conditions.
11,95 €
in stock
Topeak Flypaper
Set of 6 pieces of self-adhesive patches Topeak Flypaper. The patches are easy to apply and hold securely.
3,35 €
3,10 €
in stock
Ferdus Velo Tubeless Patch Kit
Universal kit sticking to repair tubeless tires for bicycles.
1,80 €
in stock
Finish Line Ceramic Wet Lube
Finish Line Ceramic Wet Lube mazivo na řetěz
Special ceramic grease for a chain for performance and racing cycling.
60 ml , 120 ml
7,55 €
in stock
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