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Maintenance tools

Ferdus Velo Patch Kit
Universal set of glues for repairing bicycle inner tubes.
2,00 €
1,70 €
in stock
RockShox Suspension Oil 5WT
5,65 €
4,85 €
in stock
Ferdus ZS0 (16 mm)
Ferdus ZS0 (16 mm) záplata na duše
Universal vulcanization patch for repairing the inner tubes of not only bicycles, ZS0 - diameter 16 mm.
0,15 €
in stock
Ferdus ZS2 (25 mm)
Ferdus ZS2 (25 mm) záplata na duše
Universal patch for repairing bicycle tubes, ZS2 - diameter 25 mm.
0,19 €
in stock
Sram Butter
14,20 €
9,35 €
in stock
Park Tool Tire Lever 1.2
Top mount lever for disassembly and assembly of the bicycle casing. This montpák will never disappoint.
1,35 €
in stock
Sram Bleeding Edge Tool
26,45 €
16,25 €
in stock
Giant Control Patch Kit
3,15 €
in stock
RockShox High Pressure Pump (300 psi)
High pressure pump for air forks and shock absorbers, original Rock Shox, pressure up to 300 psi.
42,75 €
30,90 €
in stock
Sram Chain Gap Adjustment Gauge V2
Sram Chain Gap Adjustment Gauge V2 nástroj pro nastavení přehazovačky
Tool for correct adjustment of the distance of the upper derailleur pulley from the lower pinion of the cassette.
6,46 €
4,97 €
in stock
Sram DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid
Sram DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid brzdová kapalina
Original Sram brake fluid for all hydraulic brakes using DOT 5.1.
15,05 €
12,20 €
in stock
Rock Shox Suspension Oil 0W-30
Rock Shox Original Shock Absorber Oil. Viscosity 0W-30, volume 120 ml.
14,60 €
8,10 €
in stock
RockShox Dynamic Seal Grease 30ml
Original Vaseline containing PTFE suitable for service Rock Shox shock absorbers, volume 30 ml.
14,20 €
10,95 €
in stock
Sram Bleed Kit
Sram Bleed Kit odvzdušňovací sada
79,40 €
71,25 €
in stock
RockShox Rear Suspension Damping Fluid 3WT
Original Rock Shox Shock Absorber Oil and Charger Damper Cartridges. Viscosity 3WT, volume 120 ml.
5,65 €
4,85 €
in stock
RockShox Reverb Hydraulic Fluid
Original oil for controlling the Rock Shox Reverb seatpost or for controlling the Rock Shox XLoc shock absorbers and forks. Volume 120 ml.
5,65 €
4,85 €
in stock
Park Tool GP-2
Park Tool GP-2 samolepící záplaty
A set of self-adhesive patches for a quick fix defects cycling souls.
4,05 €
in stock
Force redukce galuskový - auto ventilek
Reduction from velo or galus valve to car valve.
0,92 €
in stock
Finish Line Wet Lube
Durable chain lubricant for extreme weather conditions.
60 ml , 120 ml , 240 ml , 945 ml
6,05 €
in stock
Giant Tire Plugs For Treaded Tires
Tubeless tire repair kit.
7,70 €
in stock
Force redukce galuskový - auto ventilek
Aluminum reduction from velo or tubular valve to car valve.
0,65 €
in stock
Juice Lubes JL69 (400 ml)
Juice Lubes JL69 (400 ml) konzervační sprej
A versatile product that covers all your basic requirements when maintaining a bike or motorcycle.
6,90 €
4,85 €
in stock
Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner (1 l)
Top cleaning agent for all parts of a bike or motorcycle based on Nano technology.
14,65 €
in stock
Rockshox Schrader Valve Removal Tool
Rockshox Schrader Valve Removal Tool šroubovák na ventilky
Screwdriver for removing the inside of the car body, suitable for suction valves, shock absorbers and forks.
8,10 €
6,10 €
in stock
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