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  • Sigma BC 16.16 STS CAD

Sigma BC 16.16 STS CAD tachometr

Wireless speedometer with 16 functions and cadences, support for NFC and ETA. Full description
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Wireless speedometer with 16 functions and cadence.

  • NFC support - communication with Android smartphones through app
  • display information about the estimated time of arrival and distance to the destination - ETA (estimated time of arrival)


  • current speed
  • Auto start / stop
  • average speed
  • clock
  • comparison between the average and current speed
  • daily distance
  • maximal speed
  • timedriving
  • the possibility of setting two wheel diameters
  • temperature
  • total distance
  • Total distance for both wheels
  • Total driving time
  • total travel time for both bikes
  • the finish time (ETA)
  • distance to destination (ETA)
  • current kadnce
  • average cadence

Package includes computer wireless speed sensor, wireless cadence sensor, elastic bands for fastening, magnet and battery.

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