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  • Sigma ROX 2.0 černý
  • Sigma ROX 2.0 černý

Sigma ROX 2.0 tachometr

The perfect bike computer for anyone new to GPS Full description
3 - 4 days
3 - 4 days
71,60 €
71,60 €
59,17 € without VAT
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This GPS bike computer is great for all recreational athletes who want to enjoy the benefits of GPS without spending a fortune on a bike computer. The bike computer has a large and easy-to-read display in combination with simple controls, making it the ideal companion for bike rides. 14 functions such as display of speed, distance and training time, navigation instructions and connection to the e-bike are no problem for the ROX 2.0 cycle computer! Thanks to the free SIGMA RIDE appcurrent ride data can be monitored and analyzed at any time in the SIGMA RIDE smartphone app.

Features and functions

  • dimensions (w x   LxH): 44.2x65.9x17.8 mm
  • mount compatibility: GPS MountOverclamp Butler
  • weight: 39 g
  • waterproof: IPX7
  • battery: 350 mAh (Li Ion), 3.7V
  • display size: 2"
  • display size: 51x16mm
  • display colors: 2
  • display technology:transflective with Red Circle
  • display backlight
  • battery life: up to 18 hours
  • connectivity: ANT+ and Bluetooth (only smartphone, e-bike and Komoot app for navigation, sensors cannot be connected)
  • Smart notifications
  • E-Bike Ready
  • text display: CZ / EN / DE / FR / ES / NL / PL / IT


  • Directions for turning
  • Back to start "Arrow navigation"


  • GPS
  • sensorambient light


  • pre-installed sports profiles
  • possibility of individually adjustable sports profile
  • individually adjustable training pages: up to 6 pages
  • individually adjustable number of training values per page: 2
  • templates for training screens: 1
  • automatic break

Data evaluation

  • Sigma Data Center
  • Sigma Ride app
  • Storage memorytraining sessions: 100 hours
  • Data format: .fit

Basic functions

  • speed
  • average speed
  • maximal speed
  • distance
  • training time
  • clock

E-bike function

  • reach
  • E-bike battery status
  • your power versus engine power
  • degree of support
  • light

Navigation function

  • direction of travel compass
  • instructions fordiversion

Package contents

  • ROX 2.0
  • computer holder
  • USB-C cable

Large display

The two-inch high-contrast transflective display is easy to read even while driving thanks to its dimensions and extra large numbers. The special Red Circle on the top right display is highlighted in color and offers cyclists an innovative and interesting display of training data. In combination with the free SIGMA RIDE smartphone appindividual display screens can be set with just a few clicks – up to six screens each with two adjustable values. The current speed is constantly shown on the display as the third value.

Red Circle

The innovative Red Circle on the top right display is on a colored background and offers an innovative and interesting display of training data.

Lightning start

The ROX 2.0 cycling computer can be easily mounted directly on the handlebars. Installation of cables and sensors is not necessary.After switching on, the ROX 2.0 will find the cyclist's location using GPS and GLONASS within a few seconds. In combination with the intuitive two-button operation, it is possible to start driving immediately.

Simple cycle navigation

ROX 2.0 can be connected to the komoot app on your smartphone. The komoot application then sends turn instructions to ROX 2.0. The instructions are shown in the form of an arrow on the display or inside the so-called Red Circle. This color-lit circle on the display counts down the distance to the next turn using a colored line.shortens the closer the cyclist is to the turn. In addition, information about how many meters are left to the next turn is displayed next to the Red Circle.

Everything under control

Using the SIGMA RIDE application, you can set an individual appearance of the display. There are up to six screens with two individually adjustable values on each screen. The current speed and time are constantly shown on the display.

Ready to go at any time

ROX 2.0 can be easily attached to the holder onhandlebars/forearms. After turning on ROX, it searches for a location using GPS and GLONASS within a few seconds. Combined with the intuitive two-button operation, you can start driving immediately. With the SIGMA RIDE application, you can set an individual appearance of the display.


Connect your ROX 2.0 to the komoot app and keep your smartphone in your pocket. Through the komoot app, you will receive turn-by-turn instructions on your ROX 2.0. You can receive instructions in the form of an arrow on the display or inside the Red Circle.The colored backlit circle on the display counts down the distance to the next turn using a colored line. The line gets shorter the closer you are to the turn. In addition to the Red Circle, you will be shown how many meters are left to the next turn.

E-bike ready

The ROX 2.0 is e-bike ready and can be easily attached to a range of e-bikes. The GPS cycle computer connects to a compatible e-bike system and displays the current support level, battery status, light and other data on the display or in the Red Circle.
Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications connect the cyclist to the outside world even while riding. The display will show information about incoming calls and SMS messages from the smartphone.

Convenient data analysis

Via Bluetooth, data from the cycle computer can be sent to a smartphone and stored and evaluated in the SIGMA RIDE application. The most important data and statistics can be clearly arranged in colored data fields, quickly shown on the display andconveniently evaluate.

Flexible mounting

The ROX 2.0 cycling computer comes with a regular GPS holder for handlebars. This mount attaches to the handlebars or stem with cable ties and the ROX 2.0 snaps into place with a twist. The Overclamp Butler GPS holder (Sigma art.00500) can be purchased as an optional accessory. It allows the ROX 2.0 cycle computer to be perfectly seated even on short stems. The cycle computer can thus be placed in the middle above the stem at the height of the handlebars. The holder is intended forhandlebars with a diameter of 31.8 to 35 mm.

Product parameters

Přenos: GPS

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