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Sigma BC 9.16 ATS
Sigma BC 9.16 ATS tachometr
The wireless bicycle speedometer with 9 functions.
46,00 €
29,80 €
in stock
Sigma ATS / STS Handlebar Bracket
Sigma ATS / STS Handlebar Bracket držák na řídítka
Replacement handlebar holder for Topline 2016 wireless tachometers.
7,20 €
6,40 €
in stock
Sigma Cadence Magnet Pedal Insert
5,10 €
3,85 €
in stock
Sigma BC 7.16
Sigma BC 7.16 tachometr
Wired bicycle speedometer with 7 functions.
28,50 €
18,75 €
in stock
Sigma ROX 4.0
Sigma ROX 4.0 tachometr
The perfect cycling computer for anyone starting with GPS
84,30 €
in stock
Sigma BC 16.16 STS
Sigma BC 16.16 STS tachometr
Wireless speedometer with 16 functions.
68,95 €
48,55 €
in stock
Sigma Over Clamp Butler GPS
Handlebar holder for tachometers ROX 2.0 / ROX 4.0 / ROX 11.1 EVO. Sleeve diameter Ø 31.8 / 35 mm.
19,95 €
15,75 €
in stock
Sigma Universal Bracket Cable 2032
8,10 €
7,25 €
in stock
Sigma Butler Rox GPS
19,95 €
12,25 €
in stock
Sigma ANT+ Cadence Transmitter
31,90 €
23,40 €
in stock
Sigma Power Magnet
5,95 €
4,25 €
in stock
Sigma Cadence Magnet
Sigma Cadence Magnet magnet kadence
Pedal axis magnet to measure pedaling frequency.
4,25 €
in stock
Sigma ANT+ Speed Transmitter
31,90 €
23,40 €
in stock
Sigma Baseline 500
Sigma Baseline 500 tachometr
15,70 €
12,75 €
in stock
Sigma BC 5.16
Sigma BC 5.16 tachometr
Wired bicycle speedometer with 5 functions.
21,70 €
14,45 €
in stock
Sigma Pure 1 ATS
Sigma Pure 1 ATS tachometr
Wireless speedometer with 5 functions and clear display.
34,00 €
28,10 €
in stock
Sigma Pure 1
Sigma Pure 1 tachometr
Wired tachometer with 5 functions and a clear display.
23,80 €
17,90 €
in stock
Sigma PC 15.11
Heart Rate Monitor Sigma Sport PC 15.11 with analog transmission and 15 functions including guarding zones, lap counting and backlight.
59,15 €
31,95 €
in stock
Sigma BC 9.16
Sigma BC 9.16 tachometr
Wired bicycle speedometer with 9 functions.
34,05 €
22,15 €
in stock
Sigma ATS Transmitter
Replacement Wireless Transmitter for Sigma Computers with Unencrypted ATS Transmission.
19,95 €
15,75 €
in stock
Sigma STS Speed Transmitter
Replacement wireless transmitter for Sigma BC 14.16 STS, 14.16 STS/CAD, BC 16.16 STS, 16.16 STS/CAD, 23.16 STS/CAD and Topline 2009 and 2012 wirele...
19,15 €
in stock
Sigma iD.LIFE
Sigma iD.LIFE sporttester
Sigma iD.LIFE sports watch combines pulse-meter functions with fitness bracelet.
106,40 €
54,90 €
in stock
Sigma Comfortex+ Strap
Replacement elastic waist to rib sensors R1, R3. For models RC 1209 RC 14.11, ROX ...
19,15 €
14,05 €
in stock
Sigma R1 ANT+ Comfortex+ Chest Strap
Replacement Sigma ANT+ chest heart rate sensor. Compatible with Sigma ROX 10.0 GPS, 11 GPS and all ANT+ devices.
63,45 €
42,15 €
in stock
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