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Park Tool Tire Lever 4.2
Top, wide and flat mount for removing and mounting the bicycle casing. This dick will never fail.
1,57 €
in stock
Park Tool Tire Lever 1.2
Top mount lever for disassembly and assembly of the bicycle casing. This montpák will never disappoint.
1,33 €
in stock
Park Tool GP-2
Park Tool GP-2 samolepící záplaty
A set of self-adhesive patches for a quick fix defects cycling souls.
3,98 €
in stock
Park Tool TB-2
Park Tool TB-2 záplaty na plášť
A set of self-adhesive patches to repair the slotted casing.
5,19 €
in stock
Park Tool BCB-4.2 Bike Cleaning Brush Set
Set of professional brushes for washing wheels from frame to pinions.
28,12 €
in stock
Park Tool CC-2 Chain Checker
Professional chain gauge with eccentrically mounted pin for accurate wear measurement.
27,76 €
in stock
Park Tool CM-5.3 Cyclone
Park Tool CM-5.3 Cyclone pračka řetězu
An excellent chain washer that must not be missed by anyone who takes the maintenance of their bike seriously.
35,80 €
in stock
Park Tool GSC-1C
Park Tool GSC-1C kartáč na pastorky
A brush designed for efficient wheel cleaning, thanks to its double-headed head, is suitable for rims, pedals, brakes and other details.
8,00 €
on request
Park Tool RBS-5 Replacement Brush Set (for CM-5/5.2)
Replaceable Brush Set for Park Tool CM-5 and CM-5-2 Chainsaws.
11,67 €
on request
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