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  • Inov-8 Trailfly Ultra G 300 Max

Inov-8 Trailfly Ultra G 300 Max

A revolutionary novelty in the Inov-8 menu. Perfectly damped cross country with maximum sensitivity to the terrain. Full description
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A revolutionary novelty in the Inov-8 menu. Perfectly damped cross country with maximum sensitivity to the terrain. This shoe offers the perfect combination of comfort with perfect stability, flexibility and the ability to adapt to the terrain.

  • The most damped shoe in the entire history of the Inov-8 brand.
  • The base of the shoe is a brand new G-FLY cushioning foam, the only cushioning foam in the world with graphene for maximum durability and energy return.
  • New inserting 6mm BOOMERANG insole made of TPUfoam
  • Total damping rate incl. insole is 25 mm !! that's 25% more than any other Inov-8.
  • ADAPTER FLEX technology - 10 mm deep notch in the middle of the damping, which radically increases the flexibility of the entire shoe and the ability to perceive the terrain.
  • The 6 mm drop supports the natural work of the foot.
  • The very versatile sole with a great grip is based on the proven Terra Ultra concept. The shape of the plugs is very similar, but differs in its layout to maintain maximum flexibility.
  • The top istaut on a very wide hoof that offers plenty of finger space. The fit of the foot inside the shoe is firm, reliable and at the same time maximally comfortable. The materials used combine breathability, low weight and durability.
  • Rubber toe cap and padding along the entire lower edge of the shoe, which protects against moisture and damage to the upper.
  • A shoe born for the needs of an ultra trail, which can playfully cope with stony rubble and is not afraid of running on asphalt.

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Product parameters

Usage: mens
Usage: trail
Drop: 6 mm
Došlap: neutrální
Determination: volumetric
Damping: high
Upper part: breathable
Shoe width: wide

Product rating

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