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Inov-8 Terra Ultra G 260 pánské běžecké boty

Comfortable and versatile shoe with zero drop. Full description
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Comfortable and versatile shoe with zero drop.

TERRA ULTRA is now a legendary model, which is inherently connected with the arrival of Nobel Prize award-winning graphene in the running industry. In addition to graphene, the TERRA ULTRA G 260 attracts attention with a zero drop, a Kevlar-reinforced upper and amazing versatility.

Thanks to its shape and the material used, the graphene sole is both on the road and in the field and behaves perfectly in both of these conditions. Durability and great grip on dry and wet surfacesoffers the versatility of use that only a very small number of running shoes can boast.

In addition to great durability, however, graphene offers another major advantage. There's nothing more to say than the amazing flexibility that is backed up by a brand new TPU EXTEROFLOW damping compound with zero drop and 9 millimeters. This allows the TERRA ULTRA G 260 to provide excellent ground readings and superior sensitivity. However, this is not a hard and uncomfortable shoe. In the TERRA ULTRA G 260 you can also ventureon long paddocks in the mountains.

The upper is stretched on a very wide hoof, which is especially appreciated by runners with a wide foot shape or high instep. The space for the natural work of the arch and toes is truly generous, and thanks to the 3D printed reinforcements, the upper can be reliably and firmly pulled along its entire length as needed.

Finger protector is reinforced with Kevlar and compared to last year's version has been slightly modified in the form of folded cast. This at first glance detail significantly enhances the design of the whole shoe because of the Kevlarthe fibers will no longer have a chance to fray.

The ideal shoe for anyone who combines hard surface running with a trail.

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