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  • Fidlock Bottle Twist Set 600 ml
  • Fidlock Bottle Twist Set
  • Fidlock Bottle Twist Set
  • Fidlock Bottle Twist Set
  • Fidlock Bottle Twist Set

Fidlock Bottle Twist Set 600 ml cyklistická lahev

Cycle bottle with magnetic lock on the frame. Full description
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in stock
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38,85 €
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If you are not a fan of hydrobactals in a backpack or re-born kidney, the old good basket and bottle system for you remains the only acceptable option for carrying fluids. The BOTTLE TWIST Magnetic Bottle Holder offers a good-looking, smart and, most importantly, functional alternative.

Facts about Fidlock Bottle

  • Patented attachment system, secure magnetic lock
  • Suitable for frames with minimal space
  • The weight of the magnetic lock that is attached to the frame is only 16g, the whole set including the bottlethen weighs 119g
  • Washable BPA free bottle (600ml capacity)
  • Set includes: 1x Transparent bottle, 1x magnetic lock - both components, 2x special screws for magnetic lock in the frame

The safest, funniest bottling system!


Magnets safely pull the bottle into the lock. The patented "snap-fit" mechanical lock then provides a strong and secure connection with the lock part that is attached to theYour frame. Even on trails and uneven roads, the bottle is securely and firmly attached to your frame.


The bottle pulls out of the lock by simply turning it to the side, which makes it possible to use it even where there is very little space for standard baskets or where the baskets can not be mounted at all. You then choose whether to draw the bottle with your left or right hand. The system allows both left-hand and left-hand release of the bottle from the lock.


The lock on your frame is as minimal as it is and is also extremely light. His weight is only 16g.


The bottle that we supply is made of safe material is BPA free and has a volume of 600ml. The cap is made with a wide mouthpiece so that much water flows through it. Without a lock that can be easily removed from the bottle with a coin, the bottle can be safely washed in the dishwasher up to 60 degrees.


If it isYour bottle in such a state that you would prefer to replace it with a new one, you do not have to despair. Once the bottle lock is released, the new bottle can be purchased from any authorized FIDLOCK dealer. Its price is comparable to the available bottles on the market.

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